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Drawing as Form

Project type

Art Exhibition


07 - 28 August 2009


Sculpture Square

The exhibition is a re-visit of the "Drawing Show", one of the early TAV projects that was held at the Jalan Ulu Sembawang space in 1989. Moving away from the physicality of drawing and focusing on the fundamental basis of "dot... a line... a mark to a form", drawing here no longer necessarily sits on a two-dimensional space, rather it pushes one to explore beyond the confines that limit creative autonomy in individual artistic practices.

This exhibition will present works pertaining to questions to the conception, production process and eventual presentation of 'drawing', which is a very basic essential knowledge and skill to artists. Drawing as a practice constitutes the basis of visual language that is crucial to the progression and developmental modes of artists and cultural producers.

Participating artists: Chen Guang Feng (China), Chun Kai Qun , Mideo M Cruz (Philippines), Jeremy Hiah, Joo Choon Lin , Koh Nguang How, Kai Lam, Urich Lau, Lee Wen, Paisan Plienbangchang (Thailand), Bruce Quek, Ezzam Rahman, Angie Seah, Natasha Wei , Marianne Yang, Juliana Yasin and Ranger Mills

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