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The Artists Village Timeline

Explore the journey of TAV Singapore through time. Since TAV's inception at 61-B Lorong Gambas in Sembawang in 1988, this timeline unveils the evolution of Singapore contemporary art and its earlier collective efforts. 


Singapore contemporary artist Tang Da Wu founded the village studio-space at 61-B Lorong Gambas, Sembawang. He invited young artists to work at the studios


28 January to 12 February 1989

The artists working at the village studios organised the first "Open Studio Show" featuring 10 artists. Started using the name "The Artists Village" (TAV)

Art Mart

April 1989

TAV was invited to show in the Singapore Tourism Promotion Board's event Art Mart: Singapore International Shopping Festival, at Cuppage Terrace, Orchard Road

27 May to 18 June 1989

TAV organised The Artists Village 2nd Open Studio Show, featuring 26 artists

The Happenings

31 July to 2 August 1989

TAV was invited to exhibit at the Opening of the Nanyang Technological Institute's Residence Hall 5, Singapore. TAV named the event The Happenings

The Happenings II

Septmember 1989

TAV was invited to exhibit at the National University of Singapore, presented and organised by the Raffles Hall and the NUS Architectural Society. TAV named the event "The Happenings II"

The Drawing Show

December 1989

TAV organised an art exhibition titled "The Drawing Show" at Lorong Gambas

The Time Show

31 December 1989  to 1 January 1990

TAV organised its second thematic show, "The Time Show, a 24-hour Continuous Performance Art Show", at Lorong Gambas


March 1990 

TAV was invited by Hong Kong QU Art Society to show in QU Art Support II - The Artists Village Show, Hong Kong. Artists Khairul Anwar Salleh, Lee Wen, and Wong Shih Yaw represented TAV in Hong Kong, and did performance piece called Letter A.

The artists who contributed drawings, mixed media works and paintings were Azman Mohamed, Cheng Hoon Leong, Chiew Sien Kuan, Chng seok Tin, Goh Teck Hong, Amanda Heng, Jailani Kuning, Khairul Anwar Salleh, Koh Nguang How, Gladys Lam, Lee Wen, Vincent Leow, Lim Soo Ngee, Low Eng Teong, Hazel McIntosh, Neo Kim Seng, Ng Kiow Ngor, Tan Tian Joo, Tang Dahon, Tang Da Wu, Tang Mun Kit and Wong Shih Yaw

Closure of the Village Space at Lorong Gambas

March 1990

The artists at the village space moved out, as the land was returned to the government authorities for development. The previous owners had accepted compensations for its acquisitions in 1987. Tang Da Wu and a few artists moved to rented houses at the Naval Base area, but could not continue to have public activities at these premises. They continued the search for a more permanent home

2 to 24 June 1990

TAV was invited to exhibit at the Festival Fringe of the Singapore Festival of Arts 1990. TAV presented The CARE Show (Concerned ARtists for the Environment)

Gateway to Malaysia

1990 Dec to Jan 1991

TAV was invited to show in Gateway to Malaysia, presented by the Bangnan Dato Jaafar (a cultural space) in Johore, Malaysia. The artists who participated were: Ahmad Abu Bakar, Amanda Heng, Vincent Leow, Jailani Kuning, Tang Da Wu, Azman Mohamed, Shahrul Nizam, Adie Yadonie, Low Eng Teong, Tang Dahon, Mohamed Rafaat Hamzah, Faizal Fadil and Jose Tence Ruiz


28 May to 9 June 1991

In 1991 the National Museum organised the National Sculpture Exhibition, the second national-wide sculpture event in Singapore. Tang Da Wu initiated A Sculpture Seminar, presented at the National Museum Art Gallery, and co-organised by TAV. This included some performances such as the Four Men in One Suit in the streets of Singapore.  Four artists travelling to various public locations wearing blue workman’s attire. Tang Da Wu performed They Poach the Rhino and Chop Off His Horn to Make this Drink (1989-91) and Tiger’s Whip (1991)


12 February 1992

The Artists Village was officially registered as an art society under the Societies Act in Singapore. Its objectives are to foster and develop an increased consciousness of the importance of the arts and their contribution to Singapore society by engaging in active dialogue with the public, through the production and exposition of works of art. With the official registration, The Artists Village and its officially registered artist members became eligible for participation of certain officially funded events and the application for funding and space under the new rules of the National Arts Council, which was established in 1991

31 May to 21 June 1992

TAV and the National Arts Council jointly organised The Space, a Fringe Festival visual arts event for the Singapore Festival of Arts 1992, at the old Hong Bee Warehouse. 40 local artists and 20 international artists participated in the event

Extended Period of Stay at Hong Bee Warehouse

The Artists Village obtained permission and paid to extend the use of Hong Bee Warehouse after the end of The Space on 21 June. The Temporary Occupation License issued by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) on state land at the former Hong Bee Warehouse ended on Friday, 8 Jan 1993, when the building was slated for demolition soon after. A few artists created new works during that period including Zai Kuning and Dominique Hui for The New Criteria at The Substation; and Tang Da Wu for New Art From Southeast Asia 1992


17 Aug to 19 Aug 1992

TAV was invited to participate in ARTS IN U, the "1st Arts Festival", organised by The Visual Arts Society of The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Some TAV members presented installation and performance pieces for the event including Vincent Leow, Eve Tan In In, Azman Mohamed, and Zai Kuning

Performance Week

14 Aug to 21 Aug 1992

TAV's members were invited to show in Performance Week, organised by a new gallery called Gallery 21, Singapore. The event marked the first performance art event organized by a private gallery in Singapore. It was immediately after The Space event at Hong Bee Warehouse.


10 July to 23 Oct 1993

TAV participated and coordinated the Second Sculpture Seminar, an event presented by The National Museum and The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and coordinated by Tang Da Wu. The seminar started at the National Museum Theatrette for four Saturdays from 10 July to 7 Aug. Other events like studio visits, artist's talks and public forums were organized throughout the period. 

The seminar ended with an exhibition of works including a performance artwork called Work-in-Process at Selegie Campus Art Gallery of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, from 19 to 23 October 1993. The artists exhibited were Chu Chu Yuan, Knik Pang, Jason Lim, Lin Kai Lie (Kai), Yvonne Lee, Oscar Ng, Eve Tan In In, Noor Effendy Ibrahim, Vincent Leow, Tang Da Wu, Zai Kuning, Shannon Tham, Josef Ng, Clayton Huang, Khairuddin, Romita

Artists' General Assembly 

25 December 1993 to 1 January 1994

5th Passage Artists Ltd and TAV co-presented Artists' General Assembly (AGA), including a 25-artist collaborative installation, a video art program, and a 12-hour performance art event


Tour de Art Lah!

26 May to 16 June 1996

The 'Art Bus' proposal was organised by the National Arts Council as part of the Singapore Festival of Arts 1996. TAV named the event Tour de Art Lah!, a mobile art gallery featuring 11 TAV artists.



28 December 1999 -16 January 2000

TAV organised Post-Ulu at The Substation, Singapore. It was organised mainly by newer members of TAV who did not experience the early phase of the group and space at Lorong Gambas. It was an occasion for existing members to acknowledge TAV's history and to find new purpose for such an art society in Singapore


Art Societies' Weekend Series - Art Program for Nokia Singapore Art 1999

9 Jan 2000

TAV participated in the Art Societies' Weekend Series Art Program for Nokia Singapore Art 1999, Singapore Art Museum. The event coincided with the Post-Ulu show at The Substation. The program included a slide presentation of the history and past activities of TAV by Koh Nguang How; Introduction to Post-Ulu by Lam Hoi Lit, Woon Tien Wei and He Ziyan; Hands-on session for the audience with members of TAV in making drawings for the "2000 Drawings Project" as part of the Post-Ulu show

AIM: Artists Investigating Monuments

July to Sep 2000

TAV organised AIM: Artists Investigating Monuments project at various sites in Singapore. The project was initiated by members of TAV, including Woon Tien Wei, Jeremy Hiah, Dennis Tan and Kai Lam Hoi Lit. Preliminary discussions between artists started in a TAV Forum on the internet in February 2000.

The objectives of AIM were:

  • to invite artistic response to existing monuments and heritage sites; in this way re-presenting their original meanings as artistic findings

  • to invite artistic response to create new monuments; with contrasting or affiliated practices concerning local cultural ideas

  • to gather artists with different professional disciplines to gain awareness of each other's specialised practices

16 artists responded to the AIM project at 3 sites including: Raffles Landing Site (22 July 2000), The Merlion Park (12 August 2000) and Hong Lim Park (1 September 2000)

Mental Sculpture by Dennis Tan

July to Aug 2000

TAV organised "Mental Sculpture", a solo exhibition by member, Dennis Tan, at The Substation.

AIM (Artists Investigating Monuments) Documentation Exhibition

November 2000

TAV organised AIM (Artists Investigating Monuments) Documentation Exhibition at The Substation, Singapore


Bye Bye Albert

23 March 2001

The TAV presented a multi-disciplinary art event, Bye Bye Albert (The Coffee Shop Event) at Hock Hiap Leong, an old coffee shop along Armenian Street (opposite The Substation)

Blink of an Eye: Austrian Experimental Film and Video Art

October 2021

TAV and The Substation presented Blink of an Eye: Austrian Experimental Film and Video Art, at The Substation

The Bali Project 

17 Sept to 13 Oct 2001

4 members from TAV began The Bali Project, a research & documentary project based on four Singapore pioneer artists' visit to Bali, Indonesia in 1952 in search of a new modern art style. Agnes Yit, Kai Lam Hoi Lit, Jeremy Hiah and Woon Tien Wei. went to Kuta and Ubud in Bali, Indonesia

Pulau Ubin Art Camp

27 to 31 Dec 2001

TAV organised Pulau Ubin Art Camp, a five-day residency on Pulau Ubin, an island in Singapore. Local and overseas artists made artworks on the island for public viewing


Pulau Ubin Day

20 April 2002

TAV participated in Pulau Ubin Day, an event organised by Singapore Environment Council, at Pulau Ubin, Singapore

See Singapore!

May to June 2002

TAV presented video collection SEE SINGAPORE! in Copenhagen, Denmark and Kassel, Germany


18 to 28 July 2002

TAV co-organised S.O.S., a two-man show by members, Jeremy Hiah and Kai Lam Hoi Lit, at Utterly Art, Singapore

A Moving Experience

9 August 2002

TAV organised A Moving Experience, an event to celebrate Singapore's National Day, on public bus number 65

Soft: Danger Museum

September to October 2002

TAV participated in Soft: Danger Museum, an event held at the Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA) in London, England

Launch of DM Newsletter #15 and Latest Collections from Recent Travels

5 October 2002

Launch of DM Newsletter #15 (a feature on TAV, produced for soft: Danger Museum), and a gathering of artist-friends sharing stories and documentation of their participation in exhibitions overseas. Held at the TAV office space

Transmissions #2

25 September to 1 November 2002

The Artists Village collaborates with Danger Museum on this online project for Soft: Danger Museum

Singapore Contemporary Artists Show 

11 to 23 September 2002

TAV in collaboration with Vietnam Fine-Arts Association organised Singapore Contemporary Artists Show, a group exhibition at Hanoi Contemporary Art Center, Vietnam

Asiatopia 4
International Performance Art Festival: Bangkok and Chiangmai

18 to 30 November 2002

TAV participated in the Asiatopia 4, an international performance art festival, held in Bangkok and Chiangmai, Thailand


19 to 31 December 2002

TAV presented B.E.A.U.T.Y., a group art exhibition of BadEvilAwfulUglyTerribleYucky artworks in Utterly Art, Singapore

KYTV and The Sunseekers, a Year-End Gig

25 December 2002

An art Gathering at Utterly Art


Fusion Strength

January to February 2003

TAV organised Fusion Strength in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artists Development Programmes

April to July 2003

The Artists Village organised talks and visits so as to help artists in their practice

Public Art Library by The Artists Village at Singapore Art Museum

TAV organised PALTAV@SAM
(Public Art Library by The Artists Village at Singapore Art Museum). It was a one year library project where artworks were exhibited and loaned to public audiences and visitors of Singapore Art Museum


4 August 2003

TAV organised STORM-Pixel Motion Art, a new media public art event

Art Networking Pot Luck Party

26 September 2003

TAV presented an informal get-together to share materials gathered from artists and art organisations in Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia and Thailand

Unpacking London

6 to 29 November 2003
TAV exhibited unopened shipping cartons, brought back by Lee Sze-Chin, Lim Kok Boon and Tien at the end of their studies in London at 12A Perumal Road

The Future of Imagination

6 December 2003

TAV presented a one-day performance art event, held at and supported the Substation, in celebration of the National Art Council's renewed support for performance art


X-Mem Show: A Tree in a Room

15 January to 15 February 2004

TAV and Sculpture Square co-present this solo exhibition by Zai Kuning. Conceived in memory of the late Kuo Pao Kun, this exhibition presented in different media, comprising installation art, video images and performances. There will be an improvised solo, vocal and dance performance on Sunday, 8 February 2004 at 3 pm

Artists Book Project & Public Art Library at Sculpture Square

30 April to  9 May 2004

The Artists Village organised talks and visits so as to help artists in their practice

AIM II - Artists Investigating Monuments 2004

1 October - 28 November 2004

TAV presented AIM II - Artists Investigating Monuments 2004, in the Home Fronts component of SENI Singapore 2004, at Singapore Art Museum


31 December 2004 to 01 March 2005

A solo exhibition by Jeremy Hiah at Your Mother Gallery,
supported by TAV


Ring around the rosies, a pocket full of posies, "Ashes! Ashes!" we all fall down

8 August to 1 October 2005

A group exhibition by The Artists Village 
Expressing the thoughts and emotions, as well as exploring the term "culture" and the various ways in which media and culture intertwines in the context of youth, 9 young artists from The Artists Village: Lina Adam, Marienne Yang, Yeo Shih Yun, Aidah Dolrahim, Sophia Natasha Wei, Jeremy Hiah, Warren Benedict Khong, Cheng Guang Feng and Dan Lim, present this showcase of works

AIM III - Artists Investigating Monuments 2005

August 2005

Singapore artists involved in AIM III project will explore the location of the space and look at monuments and sites around Sydney harbor. They explore the history, duality of existing monuments or sites of their choice or respond to around the Sydney harbor, and possibly working in collaboration with Australian artists


Evolution of Kim-Chiam: From Dried Lily Bud to "Rolling Red Dust" (1980-2006)

7 July to 16 July 2006

An exhibition of prints, sculptures, installation, and mixed media Chng Seok Tin, which are based on 25 years of development of her works known as "Kim-Chiam Series" at the TKS Gallery. Supported by: Lions Club of Singapore Oriental, p-10, Printmaking Society (Singapore), Sculpture Society (Singapore), The Artists Village, and Very Special Arts Singapore.

Future Of Imagination 3

10 to 14 April 2006

Presented by Singapore Art Museum and The Substation. Supported by TAV


10 to 14 April 2006

Site-specific Performance Art Event following the footsteps of a highly-critical work by Tang Da Wu titled Tiger's Whip. The artist held court with a crowd of curious onlookers and unassuming passers-by in the busy street in Chinatown and performed with his installation. The performance highlighting the issue of a controversial traditional medicine. Fetterfield hopes to produce a series of performance artworks dealing with public space/alternative sites with the possibility of creating site-specific works. Fetterfield was supported by TAV.


Future Of Imagination 4

27 to 29 September 2007

This was presented at TheatreWorks, supported by TAV


The Artists Village: 20 years On

9 August - 5 October 2008

Presented by Singapore Art Museum at Gallery-Turn-Studio: 8Q SAM. Over 30 artworks and artists' projects by The Artists Village including installations, video art, paintings, performance art, sculptures, drawings, and more. TAV engendered radical shifts in generating new ways and manners of thinking and making art in the history of contemporary art in Singapore. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of TAV's establishment and offers historical distance to evaluate and examine the significance of TAV as part of the Singapore Art Museum's series of exhibitions on artist collectives.

The exhibition is conceived as a metaphor for the memories and histories of The Artists Village, thematically categorised into three periods: 1988 to 1994, 1995 to 1998, and 1999 to 2008. The changing artworks by TAV artists from 1988 to 1994 offer an entry point to understand the artistic activities, objectives, and artistic practices that shape TAV collectively. The tensions, disjuncture, and collision of the individual and collective memories of TAV are captured through interviews of artists from 1995 to 1998. The final period focuses on a new group of TAV artists who signalled their intention to continue TAV's mission to promote contemporary art and to bring about a better understanding of contemporary art practices


Drawing As Form

07 - 28 August 2009

The exhibition re-visits the "Drawing Show", one of the early TAV projects that was held at the Jalan Ulu Sembawang space in 1989. Moving away from the physicality of drawing and focusing on the fundamental basis of 'a dot... a line... a mark to a form', drawing here no longer necessarily sits on a two-dimensional space, rather it pushes one to explore beyond the confines that limits creative autonomy in individual artistic practices.
This exhibition will present works pertaining to questions to the conception, production process and eventual presentation of a 'drawing', which is a very basic essential knowledge and skill to artists. Drawing as a practice constitutes the basis of visual language that is crucial to the progression and developmental modes of artists and cultural producers.


Participating artists include Chen Guang Feng (China), Chun Kai Qun , Mideo M Cruz (Philippines), Jeremy Hiah, Joo Choon Lin , Koh Nguang How, Kai Lam, Urich Lau, Lee Wen, Paisan Plienbangchang (Thailand), Bruce Quek, Ezzam Rahman, Angie Seah, Natasha Wei , Marianne Yang, Juliana Yasin and Ranger Mills


Future Of Imagination 6

7 – 11 April 2010

Sculpture Square, supported by TAV


Pulau Ubin Artists-In-Residency Programme 

August 2011

Future Of Imagination 7

16 - 20 November 2011

Goodman Centre,  supported by TAV


Future Of Imagination 8 - International Performance Art Event

August 2012

Goodman Centre,  supported by TAV


Small Singapore Show

24 April - 8 May 2013

A group exhibition organised by TAV at Kanto Artists-Run Space in Manila, Philippines that contemplates the notion of smallness. Paricipating TAV members included Urich Lau, Gilles Massot, Lim Shengen, Natasha Wei, Chand Chandramohan, Ben Puah, Jason Lee, Andrée Weschler, Jeremy Hiah, Arif Ayab (Reef)

The Artists Village Presents

11 - 12 May 2013

An exhibition at The Substation that revolves around the idea of the earlier society and appropriating the works of the founding members of The Artists Village by the current members, as a tribute and to celebrate the 70th birthday of Tang Da Wu. Participating Artists included Andree Weschler, Ezzam Rahman, Gilles Massot, Jason Lee, Lim Shengen, Marienne Yang, Natasha Wei, Urich Lau, Art Clay

The Artists Village Show

28 November - 10 December 2013

A year-end group exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore to reflect on exhibition-making and the desire to exhibit or 'show'. Curated by Urich Lau, Ezzam Rahman, Natasha Wei and Marienne Yang, the show features work spanning various media, including works by Tang Da Wu, Andrée Weschler, Cheng Guangfeng, Gilles Massot, Jason Lee, Lim Shengen, Koh Nguang How, Post-Museum, Agnes M K Yit, Urich Lau, Ezzam Rahman, Natasha Wei, Marienne Yang, Chand Chandramohan, Chng Seok Tin, Chua Chin Chin, Ghazi Alqudcy, Jeremy Hiah, and Marcel Gaspar Alston


Ubin Day 2014

30 November 2014

TAV participated in Ubin Day 2014 and presented 'The Story of Pulau Ubin' in the form of Wayang Kulit



7 - 8 March 2015

TAV organised a two-day site-specific exhibition and performance event at the former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

(CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media Festival Taipei 2015

22 March - 26 April 2015

TAV was invited by TAMTAM ART TAIPEI to participate in the (CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS Audiovisual Media Festival in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. Participating TAV members included Marcel Gaspar, Jason J S Le, Jacquelyn Soo, Christopherson Ho, Chand Chandramohan,  Sophia Natasha Wei Junhao, Ezzam Rahman, Urich Lau, Jeremy Hiah, Gilles Massot

Ubin Day 2015

13 - 14 June 2015

TAV participated in Ubin Day 2015


CO-TEMPORARY: Southeast Asia –Taiwan Forum and Exchange Program on the Arts and Culture

9 - 10 July 2016


META-GRAPHY (first exhibition in DECK, Singapore)

10-26 November 2017

Group exhibition on photography that featured works by members of The Artists Village who come from diverse practices and research methodologies. The participating artists all dealt with photography in their work within contexts of technology, structuralism, issues in urbanisation, and the shifting of reality and fiction. Photography requires immediacy and contemplation at the same time, it is both reactionary and relational, it captures both triviality and the solemn. The exhibition looked at photography in the contemporary diversification of expressions, recordings, information, and nuances

META-GRAPHY 介形–造影 (Second iteration in Taipei, Taiwan)

10 December 2017 - 13 January 2018

Held in MEME Space 覓空間, Taipei City

Photography from Ulu to City - The Artists Village 從聚落到城市的攝影 - 新加坡藝術村

10 December  2017


Still Life

6 - 15 April 2018

Held at The Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries 1 & 2, NAFA Campus 1. Featured the works of 30 artists from The Artists Village (TAV) and revisited the long-established genre of still life in contemporary art in the context of today’s art canon and culture. While ideas and materials associated with still life have evolved over periods and art movements, still life as a subject matter remains fascinating and challenging. The artists examined and explored the relevance and contexts between objects and the world by giving voice to diverse interpretations of still life within their interdisciplinary practices

Small Singapore Show 2.0: TaiSing Conversation 新加坡小品2.0:台星對話

5 October - 28 October 2018

Held in Taipei’s Open Contemporary Art Center. The first Small Singapore Show was presented in Manila in 2013, where 10 members of The Artists Village presented works, which consisted of various mediums that contemplate the notion of 'smallness' within the context of nation, artworks, and space. The second iteration, Small Singapore Show 2.0: TaiSing Conversation paired up artists from Taiwan and Singapore. They interacted with one another via virtual communication platforms to explore into the subject of ‘conversations’ and how it could serve as a means for discovery, learning and connection. After months of exchanging views on various issues, the artists created works as a response to the conversation they've had with one another.

This project aimed to generate an informal albeit critical discussion via virtual conversation, which enabled Taiwanese artists to understand the social conditions and cultures of Singaporean artists. They focused on the gaps between imagination and reality. At the same time, Singaporeans re-looked at Singapore through the lens of Taiwanese artists. Being in a relatively small exhibition venue highlights the key initial concept of the project – exhibiting small works in a small space. This set the challenges and the process of making their works while playing with the jargon of 'small'.

Participating artists inlcuded 森嵐工作方圖 C & G Art Group + Gilles Massot, 賈茜茹 Chia Chien-Ju + 李志 Justin Lee, 柯姿安 Ko Tzu-An + Lim Shengen, 郭佩奇 Kuo Pei-Chi + 劉威延 Urich Lau, 李勇志 Lee Yung-Chih + Jacqueline Sim, 倪瑞宏 Ni Jui-Hung + 蘇美安 Jacquelyn Soo, 吳其育 Wu Chi-Yu + Ghazi Alqudcy 策展人 Curator: 李嘉昇 Jason J S Lee

The Artists Village Presents Portraiture (Singapore)

6 - 15 September 2018

Held at Banksy Gallery, Mox/Katong Point (Level 2). The exhibition was part of a series of shows exploring the different “established” genres in the context of today’s contemporary art. TAV presented a group show featuring 25 artists exploring the topic of portraiture. In both the Singapore and Bangkok exhibition, TAV aimed to examine and re-evaluate “Traditional” Portraiture in today’s context.

Participating artist-members include Bridget Tay, Chand Chandramohan, Justin Lee, Nadia Oh, Jason J S Lee, Urich Lau, Ezzam Rahman, Shin- Young Park, Ghazi Alqudcy, Koh Nguang How, Shengen Lim, Agnes Mun Yit, Gilles Massot, Jacquelyn Soo, Mideo M. Cruz, Lina Adam, Ben Puah. Invited artists include Niroj Satpathy, Denise Jillian Tan, Deusa Blümke

The Artists Village Presents Portraiture (Bangkok)

1 November - 4 November 2018

Held at Rebel Art Space in Bangkok, Thailand (*ghetto show). Curated by Bridget Tay.


Small Singapore Show 2.1: Tai Sing Conversation 新加坡小品2.1:台星對話

15 - 24 February 2019

Participating artists at Supernormal, Singapore include 森嵐工作方圖 C & G Art Group, Gilles Massot, 賈茜茹 Chia Chien-Ju, 李志 Justin Lee, 柯姿安 Ko Tzu-An, Lim Shengen, 郭佩奇 Kuo Pei-Chi + 劉威延 Urich Lau, 李勇志 Lee Yung-Chih + Jacqueline Sim, 倪瑞宏 Ni Jui-Hung + 蘇美安 Jacquelyn Soo, 吳其育 Wu Chi-Yu + Ghazi Alqudcy. Curated by Jason J S Lee and presented by The Artists Village

The Artists Village presents PORTRAITURE

2 - 25 March 2019

Organised by Park Shinyoung, hosted by Mairangi Arts Centre (Auckland, New Zealand), supported by Auckland Council Creative Communities Scheme. A collaborative exhibition between 16 TAV artists and 16 artists from Mairangi Arts Centre on the occasion of 54 years of diplomatic relations between our two countries. Aimed at establishing a cross-cultural exchange of ideas around identity and representation. With the steady rise of populism on the global political stage, and the resulting proliferation of xenophobic voices in the mainstream, we hope to provide a counterbalance of positive expressions of cultural identity, by bringing together and celebrating the different ways in which we view ourselves, and thereby learning more about each other.


Participating TAV members include Bridget Tay, Denise Jillian Tan, Deusa Blümke, Ezzam Rahman, Ghazi Alqudcy, Gilles Massot, Jacquelyn Soo Meian, Jason J S Lee, Justin Lee CK, Koh Nguang How, Lim Shengen, Lina Adam, Mideo M Cruz, Nadia Oh, Shin-young Park, Urich Lau

FLAME HK – The First Video Art Fair in Asia

4 - 6 October 2019

An image is a record of temporality-spatiality, context, memory or fantasy which intertwines real and fictional elements. Nowadays, while the image has penetrated every corner and become part of human lives in the information age, video art with the nature of our era is a medium unique to contemporaneity. Since ancient times human beings have been obsessed with light from fire, image betokens a new flame that attracts human eyes and motivates us to search for knowledge and truth. “FLAME HK,” a video art fair, reconsiders the value of the image of our time and excavates again the expansive field of global video art. Each video incorporates a light of flame that invokes a search of a desirable answer. Hong Kong, a centre connecting Asia, Europe and America, enables more possibilities for video art.

Participating artists include Ezzam Rahman, Lim Shengen, Sherman Ong, Toh Hun Ping, Weixin Chong, Yeo Shih Yun, Urich Lau at  the Ovolo Southside, Hong Kong. Organised by Formosa Art Fair Co Ltd

The Artists Village Presents Portraiture (Bangkok)

1 November - 4 November 2018

Held at Rebel Art Space in Bangkok, Thailand (*ghetto show). Curated by Bridget Tay.


TAV Epilogue, Singapore Art Week

14 - 30 Jan 2022

Epilogue (2022) uses the historical trajectory of TAV as an investigative point of contemplation and the goal is to present history not of an academic association but a selective activity and jumping board for conversations and reflections. We hope to present the documentation of choices, pasts, and ways that experiences have demarcated, investigated, presented, and even learned and sought to change perceptions of crucial turning points of what defines history. It is a reimagining of what defines and constitutes history. It will showcase a retrospective of TAV artistic creations and events. Together with recent artworks by current members in response to the question of the end of TAV’s history.

Presented at CSC Changi Fairy Point Chalet 7 and Curated by Bridget Tay. Artists include Ezzam Rahman, Bridget Tay, Ghazi Alqudzy, Gilles Massot, Isabelle Desjeux, Jacquelyn Soo, Jason J S Lee, Jennifer Teo, Justin Lee, Koh Nguang How, Lim Shengen, Lina Adam, Shin-Young Park, Sophia Natasha Wei


S23, Singapore Art Week

6 - 15 January 2023

S23 is a site-specific work that carves out an informal space of rest, congregation, and interaction with artists. A play on ‘S-11’, an old-school kopitiam previously located near the old National Library and The Substation, S23 draws upon the essence of kopitiams to explore the cultural and social functions of such communal spots in a historical arts enclave like Rochor and Bugis. Using LASALLE’s amphitheatre to curate and re-create a public area that artists and art-goers used to frequent, relationships between people are kept non-hierarchical and strangers can become friends by chance.

Curated by Bridget Tay. Participating artists include Bridget Tay, C.O.O.E, Dr Foo, Dylan Chan, Eve Tan, Gilles Massot, Isabelle Desjeux, JaiRa, Liana Yang, Lina Adam, Veronyka lau, Smiha Kapoor, Choice Cuts (Drem and Arms1), Naazsedilix, Arif Ayab (Reef), Circuitrip

Leave Nothing but Footprints

7 - 22 October 2023

The exhibition title alludes to the signages often seen before entering a nature reserve: how ironic are these man-made signs in the national environment. What a struggle to leave no mark wherever we go. As demonstrated in Cynthia Delaney’s work ‘Lost Soles’, humans often leave their trace behind, albeit unintentionally. The works presented include photographs, where the medium is used in different ways, to re-tell the story of a landscape, to allude to our mortality, or for story-telling in documenting performance. The variety of media on display also includes prints, collages, sculptures, installations, interventions, workshops, and text-based art. The exhibit reflects a variety of experimental ways of knowing the explored landscape. As you walk through the exhibition, you will encounter the artists as explorers, activists, voyeurs, dreamers, and scientists. Some see the land as a source of material for making, while others want to inhabit it and become a part of it. You will be confronted with bodies in the environment or bodies feeling the environment, natural or man-made. You will encounter wilderness where nature took over, you will spot traces left by humans, and you will experience the magical and spiritual of the forest. Curated by Isabelle Desjeux. Participating artists include Anne Molleskov, Cynthia Delaney, Eve Tan, Gilles Massot, Isabelle Desjeux, Jireh Koh, Ong Xiao Yun, Rusydan Norr, Smiha Kapoor, Tan Qian Hui, Tec Lim, Veronyka Lau, Yen Phang, Zulfa. Assistant Curator Zulfa and Isabella. Administrated by Eve Tan. Supported by TAV

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