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Pulau Ubin Artists-In-Residency Programme

Open Call

Island as a Canvas - a fundraiser project for the Residency Programme

Since 2011, the Pulau Ubin Artists-In-Residency Programme had hosted numerous artists both from local and abroad. The programme offer artists an opportunity to stay in a kampung house and work in a studio on the island of Pulau Ubin. The programme envisions the island as a canvas for art and attempts to get artists to work in close contact with one of the last corners of Singapore untainted by rampant development.

To continue with the work that our programme have been offering for the past 4 years, Pulau Ubin Artists-In-Residency Programme will hold a fundraiser show in the month of July. Through fundraiser initiatives, it will allow us to begin self sustaining projects for our operations on top of the state fundings which we had received.

As part of this fundraiser project for the Residency Programme, the Pulau Ubin Artists-In-Residency Programme is inviting painters to create paintings on the theme Island as a Canvas on Pulau Ubin. The theme is based on the idea of Hokusai's woodblock print series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. In response to theme of domestic traveling and his obsession with Mount Fuji, the theme of this open call will focus instead on the view from the highest point on Pulau Ubin, Bukit Puaka. Bukit Puaka, at 75m, overlooks the Ubin Granite Quarry with offers scenic views of Singapore and Malaysia.

Immersing in the rustic nature of Singapore, this open call allows artists to express their artistic vision of Pulau Ubin and it's surrounding landscapes. The paintings will be exhibited at Your Mother Gallery in August.

- All enthusiasts and professional painters are welcome.
- Dates of the painting session : 12 and 26 July 2015
- Age group: Minimum 18 years old and above
- Size of the paintings should be within 50 x 50 cm
- All paintings should be priced under $500.
- Upon sale of the painting, 70% each of the profit will be donated to the organiser and 30% to the artist.
- Registration deadline: 05 July 2015.
- To register, please write in together with your name, email, and contact number via Email to residency[at]tav.org.sg

Even with financial support from NAC, the operation of the residency programme involves hefty cost. The potential monies generated from this fundraiser will help us to defray the following cost.

Artists fees - $22,500
Fees are paid to the resident artists which serves as their allowance and professional artistic fees.

Staff - $72,000
The programme requires its staff to manage its administration, activities, logistics and the welfare of the artists.

Accountant's Service - $3,000
It is a requirement for us to engage an accountant to certified our expenditure report to our funders.

Material/Production Cost of artworks - $7,000
While the resident artists are encouraged to make use of materials found on Pulau Ubin, it is inevitable that artists will still require to purchase materials for their artworks and cost of their exhibition in Singapore.

Facilities cost of artist's studio in Pulau Ubin - $7,200
One of the most important area of the residency programme which provides the resident artists a decent shelter to work and relax.

Artist's room in main city for weekend stayover - $9000
On days when artists have to return to the main city for a day or 2 for various inevitable reasons, they will need a room to stay.

WIFI in Pulau Ubin - $360
Complimentary internet connection for resident artists in Pulau Ubin

Documentation - $2,400
Archiving of artists talks and exhibition

Reception - $2,400
Reception of food and drinks during exhibition opening

Marketing and printing of publicity materials - $2,000
Publicizing the program's activities is an important part to promote the artists

Overheads - $7,200
Cleaning liquids, insect repellants, repair of equipments, welcome dinner for resident artists, bumboat fares, laundry, etc.

Total: $135,060

This is an ideal figure required for the operation of the residency programme. Do support us by participating in this fundraiser project!
More about the Pulau Ubin Artists-In-Residency Programme: http://www.tav.org.sg/artistsinresidency/

The Artists Village is conducting an open call for artists and non-artists to apply for the Artists-In-Residency programme (AIR) located on the island of Pulau Ubin. We welcome applications from various disciplines, e.g. dancers, musicians, art critics, writers, curators, environmentalist, scientists, etc to apply and to engage themselves in working with the natural environment on Pulau Ubin. Applicants are highly encouraged to propose projects relating to the environmental, natural and communal content on the island Pulau Ubin.

The Artists-in-Residency programme consists of two phases. For the first phase, the programme offers applicants the option of up to a maximum of 3 months residency on the island. Due to work commitments of local applicants, we hope that with this flexibility, we can provide the artists ample time to perform in-depth researches into their projects. During their residency, applicants are committed to give artist talk(s) on their progress in their researches, conduct a workshop and present their works for an end-residency exhibition.

Phase Two of the programme offers applicants the added opportunity to take part in a 1-month exchange programme with one of our collaborating partners in China, Vietnam and South Korea. This exchange will provide applicants a chance to experience living in another country and form interactions and communications with the foreign art communities.

We have a vision to use the island as a canvas to create art and it is an attempt to attract cultural and art practitioners to work in close contact with this relatively untainted natural environment in Singapore. Through this residency, we hope to provide a chance for artists to develop different perspectives from the experience of living on the island and at the same time, inculcate new outlook towards working in and with nature along with eco-friendlier art practices in this unique residency.

This project is organized by The Artists Village and is supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

The open call has ended. Keep a look out for the next open call!

Provided for resident artists during their stay:

  1. Artists fee of SGD$500 and materials fee of SGD$200 per month (for a duration of 3-months with the flexibility of time)
  2. Accomodation and working studio on the island
  3. Basic working tools
  4. Bicycle for moving around on the island
  5. Mobile broadband Internet
  6. 12-Volts power supply (for charging up mobile phones and small laptops)
  7. Publicity for all events
  8. Assistance for exhibition set-up

Below are the criteria for artists to apply for the residency:

  1. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. However, we do not accept applications from students regardless of age.
  2. Applicants must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  3. Applicants are given the flexibility to choose a duration that suits their project and personal schedule but are highly encouraged to commit for 3 months.
  4. This art residency strongly consists of a multi-disciplinary component and is not limited to visual artists only. We welcome artists and non-artists from any disciplines, such as dancers, musicians, art critics, writers, curators, environmentalists, scientists, etc.
  5. Selected artists will have the option to use materials found on the island.
  6. Resident artists are to present talk(s) and conduct a workshop during the period of the residency. They can present their final work in the form of an exhibition, performance or publication. The venue will be YOUR MOTHER GALLERY. However, resident artists can negotiate for other venues (subject to availability) to showcase their work.
  7. Flight expenses for residency in overseas is not covered. Selected applicants are to seek travel fundings to cover for their air flight. We will provide a letter of support for the applicants if they are seeking for fundings from funding agencies.
  8. Applicants are to submit their residency proposal with all relevant materials via Email to us. Please see Residency application form.
  9. Please send your completed residency application via Email to residency@tav.org.sg
  10. Please submit all applications by 10 October 2014 24 October 2014 at 23:59PM (GMT+8:00). Late submission will not be accepted.

New Space Arts Foundation

deskThe New Space Arts Foundation [NSAF] is an independent art space in Hue city, which was founded by the twins Le Duc Hai and Le Ngoc Thanh who have had more than ten year experience in coordinating multiple and different visual art ctivities at their New Space Arts gallery. - Aiming to increase contemporary art appreciation amongst general public, NSAF's main activities are financially and spatially supporting young Vietnamese and international artists by giving them the opportunities to uninhibitedly express their ideas.



hallwayLocated in Cheongju City of South Korea, Hive Camp have been maintaining residency programme since 2006. Hive Camp intends to make interactive connection with Asian countries. To date, 33 Asian artists and 51 Korean artists have participated in Hive Camp residency programme.

Bamboo Curtain Studio

The Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) in Taiwan aims to promote cross-cultural exchanges by providing a meeting point for visitors from national and international art related fields, for short visits or specific projects. The Studio aims to assist in the further understanding and development of emerging art trends in Taiwan.


Latest News

13 Nov 2015:
- Island! Islands!! - A solo exhibition by Chao Shu-Jung. Exhibition opens on 21 Nov, 3pm. For details please click HERE.

09 Oct 2015:
- Artist Talk by Chao Shu-jung on 17 Oct, 3pm. For details, please click HERE.

Current Resident Artists

Chao Shu-jung is an interdisciplinary artist. Her works focus on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences such as memory, time travel, culture / language and aspects of consciousness, as well as "globalization" issues in the public sphere.

Upcoming Events

21/11/15 - 20/12/15:
Island! Islands!! A solo exhibition by Chao Shu-Jung
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09 Oct 2015:
- Artist Talk by Chao Shu-jung on 17 Oct, 3pm. For details, please click HERE.